Pouches do not come with magazines,flashlight or handcuffs.

What you can expect from the WC magazine pouches 

  • Handmade by a professional who uses every day

  • Sleek design at only 5-3/8'' wide and about 3'' tall (most holsters on the market are 6'' x 4''/5''

  • Designed and handcrafted using .093 and .080 thickness Kydex (.080 for custom and premium colors) for extreme durability and great definition

  • Adjustable retention

  • Heavy duty belt loops made from .125 thickness Kydex

  • Edges are not only rounded, they are polished for comfort

  • Curved to contour to the body

  • Option to add flash light or handcuff holder

WC custom Kydex magazine pouches are light weight, low profile and comfortable.

Custom Kydex Magazine Pouches

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Single Magazine Pouch with belt clip